Design and Manufacture

We specialise in the design and manufacture of complex bespoke electronic and software systems for use in demanding military and security environments.

 Our core design capabilities include:

  • Systems engineering to military standards

Designer - Reduced

  • Software and embedded software engineering
  • Real time embedded hardware system design
  • Embedded VHDL firmware
  • Digital design: microprocessors, discrete and programmable logic devices
  • Digital Signal Processors (DSP) design
  • High-performance low-noise analogue design for front-end sensor interfacing and signal conditioning
  • High-performance digitisation and data acquisitions systems
  • Design for environmental compliance to Def Stan 00-35

Board Reduced

  • Design for electromagnetic compatibility and Tempest to Def Stan 59-411
  • Reverse engineering and obsolescence recovery
  • Prototyping, manufacturing and assembly
  • Back to base or in-situ equipment Warranties and Support
  • Post Design Services (PDS)