Safety and Environmental Management

Drumgrange employs Qualified Safety Engineers who are integrated within the Project Teams to provide expert advice, safety analysis and support throughout the entire Project life-cycle from design, manufacture, integration, acceptance, in-service through to decommissioning and disposal.

The Safety Engineers are responsible for:

  • Developing Safety Management Systems and production of Safety and Environmental Management Plans.
  • Conducting iterative safety analysis including HAZID, HAZOP, HAZAN, ETA, FTA, FMECA, SWIFTs and DRACAS.
  • Production of equipment Safety Cases.
  • Production of Environmental Impact Assessments.
  • Ensuring Legislative Compliance.
  • Conducting equipment Safety Tests and Safety Audits.

Drumgrange has extensive experience supplying equipment and services to all the relevant Legislative Regulations, British/European Standards and Defence Standards including:

  • Def Stan 21-8, Def Stan 00-56, Def Stan 61-5, Def Stan 00-250
  • JSP430 (Ship Safety Management)
  • JSP454 (Land System Safety Management)
  • BR1326A
  • ASEMS  (Acquisition Safety and Environmental Management System)
  • POSMS  (Project Orientated Safety Management System)
  • POEMS (Project Oriented Environmental Management System)
  • SSP 25 (Quality Assurance for Safety in Submarines)
  • IEC 61508 (Functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems)
  • Health and Safety Regulations, including RoHS, WEEE, HSAWA, etc