System Integration and Installation

Modern military systems are moving away from 'stove-pipe' equipments to integrated systems forming network enabled capability. Software integration and acceptance testing expertise is therefore a core capability within Drumgrange.

System Integration

Drumgrange's system engineering teams have particular expertise in developing and integrating equipments within an existing system/platform infrastructure whether that is to provide new functionality or to overcome equipment obsolescence.

We produce comprehensive interface control documentation, produce signal stimulators and simulators for interface and system testing. Where necessary, Drumgrange can reverse engineer interface control documentation for legacy equipment where there is limited or unreliable documentation.

Several recent projects with significant integration aspects include:

  • Hull Vibration and Monitoring Equipment
  • S2054 (Inboard Replacement)
  • Naval GPS
  • VLF Communications systems
  • Classified Server Based Information and Security Systems

System Acceptance and Trials

Drumgrange undertakes and is able to support a wide range of system acceptance activities including Requirements Decomposition and Verification Planning, development of system acceptance test specifications and procedures, Factory Acceptance Testing, Harbour Acceptance Trials, Sea Acceptance Trials and User Trials.

Platform Installation

Drumgrange has a wide variety of expertise of integrating and installing electronic equipment on military platforms and on military establishments. These include:

  • Submarines
  • Surface ships
  • Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) and other small military vessels
  • Military Vehicles
  • Communications HQs for Navy Command 
  • Land Rover Based Training Aids (LBTA) for Army Training Schools
  • Communications Training systems at HMS Raleigh
  • Equipment Training solutions at HMS Sultan

At our Portland Facility, we have a large secure workshop where we undertake the integration of specialist equipments on small military vessels/vehicles.

Reference Sets / Shore Integration Facilities

We hold a number of equipment Reference Sets for the UK MoD which are available for use as Shore Integration Facilities, these include:

  • Sonar - Royal Navy Submarines
  • HVME - Hull Vibration Monitoring Equipment
  • VLF Communications
  • Precise Time and Frequency Systems
  • Seaboat Communications & Situational Awareness
  • MCMV Precise Fixing System
  • Secure Information Systems
  • MTSS