Drumgrange has a wide range of experience in the creation and delivery of training solutions for operators, maintainers and our industrial partners.

Training Options

In conjunction with the end-users, Drumgrange will conduct a Training Needs Analysis to fully specify the optimal training requirements which will be balanced to provide efficient and effective training without over-burdening the target audience. Training options we can provide include:

  • Computer Based Training (CBT) solutions
  • Classroom based equipment/system training courses
  • Courses delivered at Drumgrange, at the customer's training establishment or in situ
  • Provision of operator, maintainer and train the trainer courses
  • Development of custom training facilities and training sets
  • Networked synthetic environments for large-scale, live simulations

Drumgrange has a long history of providing training solutions which includes:


Communications Simulation Training System is currently being used by the UK Army for training on Bowman radios. 

Ptarmigan CBT

This PC based CBT system enabled instructors to generate scenarios that gave students at the Royal School of Signals a firm grounding in Ptarmigan equipment Man Machine Interfaces. The system offers accurate emulation of operator positions, with instructor voice communications available to individual students or groups. Students can be evaluated via unobtrusive monitoring.

All Arms Training Equipment (AASTER)

Located at six of the All Arms Schools, the AASTER system trained non Royal Signals students to use Ptarmigan SCRA(T) equipment.

Command System Skills Trainer

An integrated communications system within a system, which allowed communication among students using the Type 23 Frigate Command System Skills Trainer at the School of Maritime Operations.

XERES Maritime Interdiction Training System

The training system we designed for our Xeres marine command, control and communications system enables RN crews to be trained on land in its use and thereby deploy personnel and assets with greater safety, confidence and effectiveness once they are at sea.

Mine Warfare Tactical Support System

This PC-based Mission Planning and Assessment system provides the Royal Navy's Mine Warfare Forces with all the necessary tools for safe, effective and efficient minehunting, minesweeping and clearance diving. Available as a stand-alone or as a network application suite, both Office PC and ruggedised deployable PC hardware can be supplied.