Product Areas

Underwater Systems

Drumgrange’s Underwater Systems Teams provide consultancy, design, development...Read more

Communication and Information Systems

Drumgrange’s Communication and Information System... Read more

VLF Communications

The ability of VLF and LF radio transmissions to penetrate seawater allows submerged submarines ... Read more

Boat Systems Integration

The Boat's Team at Drumgrange specialise in the integration of navigation, communications... Read more

Geospatial and Temporal Referencing Systems

Military Forces and platform systems have an increasingly high... Read more

Training and Simulation Systems

Drumgrange has a wide range of experience in the development of Training... Read more

Security Systems

Drumgrange’s Security Systems Teams provide consultancy, design, development, manufacture... Read more

RF Products

Drumgrange has purchased Raven Research Ltd, a unique RF engineering design and productio... Read more