RF Products

Drumgrange has purchased Raven Research Ltd, a unique RF engineering design and production company which specialised in developing custom RF products for the defence and security industries. Drumgrange can confirm their intention to support existing customers where possible and to further develop the RF Product Range. Drumgrange has already delivered a number of projects that have incorporated RF products e.g. V/UHF Airfield radios, ComSim Bowman training system and the XERES interdiction system. The RF Product Range broadly covers, RF Distribution, Direction Finding and Training and Simulation System components.

The RF distribution product range can be broken down into the following categories:


Multicouplers are designed to allow a set of radio receivers to simultaneously connect to a single antenna (single input, multiple output).  As well as providing improved radio system performance, the range of multicouplers also provide the system with comprehensive protection from high-level signals and electrostatic discharge.

When multiple antennas are required to be connected to multiple receivers a switching matrix is required. When the system also requires any number of receivers to be connected to any antenna simultaneously, the matrix is termed non-blocking. Drumgrange make a range of non-blocking matrix switch units for switching/routing off-air signals to receivers. 

Non Blocking Matrices & Switches

The non blocking matrices are housed within a single 19" rack mounting enclosure, complete with control module and mains power supply. 

Key features are:

  • Excellent RF Performance with Low Noise Figure and High Dynamic Range
  • Choice of Standard Control Protocols
  • Ancilliary units for integration of Antenna Matrix Switching Systems

Signal exchange units can be configured to provide independent matrix switching of inputs to outputs. By combining the two units with a series of single pole double throw RF switches on the output, the system becomes a non-blocking multi input x multi output matrix system.  Switch sizing is solely dependent on the selection of matrices hence a variety of systems can be configured in this way.

Masthead Pre-Amplifiers

A range of wideband masthead pre-amplifiers to cover the VHF/UHF bands are available. These pre-amplifiers greatly improve the RF sensitivity of fixed-site and transportable systems, whilst preserving maximum dynamic range.

Key features of the wideband masthead pre-amplifiers used for monitoring and communication systems are:

  • Low Noise Figure for maximum sensitivity
  • High 2nd Order and 3rd Order Intercept Points for maximum dynamic range
  • Input Protection against high level signal, lightning and EMP
  • Ruggedised waterproof enclosure for external mast mounting
  • Bias 'T' for power through RF cables
  • Amplitude equalisers for long cable runs over wide frequency ranges

RF Components

In addition to the specific products identified above, Drumgrange supply a range of general RF products.  The products listed below cover a wide range of frequency bands and have different types of connector configurations. These components can be re-configured to address any customer requirements. If you have a specific requirement for any of these types of products please contact Drumgrange.

  • Band Pass Filters from 10kHz to 1200MHz
  • Bias T Units
  • RF Couplers
  • Diplexers
  • Cable Equalisers
  • RF Power Splitters
  • RF Power Combiners

Radio Direction Finding

Drumgrange has a wide range of radio direction finding (establishment of the direction from which a received radio signal was transmitted) products.

Some of these products are highlighted below:

  • Land mobile, covert RDF systems for radio regulatory enforcement
  • Land mobile, covert RDF systems for radio interception
  • Fixed Site VHF/UHF radio direction finding
  • Fixed Site HF radio direction finding for SSL
  • Shipboard RDF for surveillance and ESM
  • Airborne VHF/UHF radio direction finding for surveillance

Datasheets and Case Studies