Security Systems

Drumgrange’s Security Systems Teams provide consultancy, design, development, manufacture and integration services for specialist areas of video capture and analysis, covert audio recording as well as Acoustic Hailing Devices in conjunction with our partners. We offer bespoke and customised equipment designs and solutions to support Infrastructure Security, Land and Naval requirements.

Drumgrange provides discreet solutions to classified users by the development of deployable solutions for Video and Audio Collection and Analysis.  We can provide covert devices to authorised buyers.

Drumgrange has a full expertise in Radio Transmissions and will source suitable radio products to meet the needs of the user community.  Similarly,  as Drumgrange does not develop its own cameras, it has a bias-free selection policy from UK and overseas suppliers when necessary.

A longer term arrangement with PASS Medientechnik has bought the market leading capability of the AHD-9-14Z Acoustic Hailer for marine environments.  The exceptional sound quality of PASS audio products and the naval design expertise of Drumgrange has produced a device with perfect intelligibility at distances upto 1500m on land and over sea. A full data sheet is available.

In addition, Drumgrange has developed a digital intercom and radio combiner system (Diamond) for use on land and maritime platforms. An ideal solution for patrol craft and vehicles, Diamond provides voice connectivity between multiple users and on-board radios and also integrates engine & system alarms to ensure platform and crew safety.