Underwater Systems

Drumgrange’s Underwater Systems Teams provide consultancy, design, development, manufacture and integration services for specialist areas of sonar, signature management and other underwater military electronic systems where high performance and high levels of reliability are mandatory. We offer bespoke and customised equipment designs and solutions to support submarine, surface ship, underwater vehicles, mine warfare and military diver operations.

Our engineers are highly experienced in the principles of theoretical modelling and practical aspects of underwater acoustics including signal processing, algorithm development, system design and calibration. Our people combined with our facilities enable algorithmic design solutions from initial research, through modelling and demonstration, tank testing in our own anechoic tank and sea trials through to successful implementation within the end product.

Drumgrange has fully embraced the principals of open architecture systems combining the through life support advantages of high performance COTS processing and networking hardware with open architecture software. Software is developed to allow rapid integration with modern sonar and combat systems allowing for easy algorithm insertion and upgrade paths.

Drumgrange's particular expertise is Active Intercept and Ranging (AI&R) and high frequency passive sonar sub-systems where our products are in-service with the Royal Navy. Our Active Intercept solution was selected by Lockheed Martin for integration in the Sonar 2054 Inboard Replacement, S2054(IR), Programme for the UK's SSBN submarines. Drumgrange's comprehensive Intercept solution has been fully embedded within the S2054(IR) open architecture system.

Signature Management

Drumgrange developed the Technical Refresh for the Royal Navy's Hull Vibration Monitoring Equipment (HVME) to provide a comprehensive vibration monitoring and investigation capability used by the ships staff to monitor the platform's acoustic signature. Drumgrange's system is installed on Royal Navy's Frigates, submarines and mine counter measures vessels for which Drumgrange is providing 10 years support under a Contract for Availability.

Sea Trials Support

Our experienced Trials teams regularly organise and support equipment trials and naval exercises including surface ships, submarines and other underwater assets. Drumgrange's expertise covers all aspects of managing a successful sea trial from arranging trials vessels, overseas logistics, safety management, equipment installation and commissioning, operation and deployment of equipment and system analysis/acceptance.

Sonar Calibration

Drumgrange maintains a MoD owned, containerised, portable sonar calibration laboratory which can be readily deployed on a trials ship to support submarine and warship exercises. The laboratory has a range of static and towed sound sources and acoustic measurement systems covering acoustic signals from a few Hz up to hundreds of kHz. Other discrete calibration systems for harbour and enclosed water calibration are also available.

Our Portland site houses an 18,000 gallon anechoic test tank for sonar transducer measurement with a semi-automatic, computer-controlled transducer test and calibration facility for both hydrophones and acoustic projectors. The tank is available for hire by third parties either as a bare facility or with support from specialist engineering staff. 

Sonar Simulators

Drumgrange has provided a range of sonar simulators and stimulators to aid system development and acceptance for Sonar systems including S2051, S2054(IR), S2019 and S2076.

Our latest MaxSIM portable stimulator provides real-time simulated data feeds into the sonar processor; two systems are currently in use by BAE Systems and Thales Underwater Systems to aid testing of the S2076 intercept system.

Mine Warfare Command Support System

This PC-based Mission Planning and Assessment system provides the Royal Navy's Mine Warfare Forces with all the necessary tools for safe, effective and efficient minehunting, minesweeping and clearance diving. Available as a stand-alone or network application suite, both Office PC and ruggedised deployable PC hardware can be supplied.

Research Programme

Drumgrange is a contributor to the UK MoD Underwater Sensing Research Programme and a member of the Osprey Consortium lead by Atlas Elektronik (UK) Ltd (formerly QinetiQ).

Drumgrange also conducts research and development activities and technical studies for Dstl, DE&S and other industrial partners and system integrators.

Datasheets and Case Studies